Welcome to Terratima Lodge

Welcome to Terratima Lodge!

Box 2280

Rocky Mountain House

Alberta, Canada

T4T 1B7

(403) 845-6786

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Terratima Lodge is a year-round vacation retreat located on the edge of the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Guests enjoy cross-country skiing in winter and cross-country biking, hiking, white-water-rafting, canoeing and relaxing in the summer months. Terratima is famous for its pristine forest location, excellent food and accommodations and divine, relaxing atmosphere.

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Larry & Claire Kennedy ran Terratima as a ranch until 1974 when they decided that they needed a few people in thier lives and opened up the ranch for the first year of cross-country skiing in the winter of 1974/75. People came and just kept coming so we moved in a few older buildings, i.e. Storm House & Kensholme, then Keewaydin, then the Gate cabin. More people came so we logged local pine from the ranch and nearby and started to build; first was "Sees the Sun Lodge", a mixture of old and new along with the "Goldfinch Dining Lodge" and finally the Bath House and the new mini-conference and lodging lodge, "Wolfwillow".

Our primary concerns are, and always will be, for the environment and our guests.

As your hosts, we and our staff are commited to your needs.

ALDO LEOPOLD spent a lifetime developing perceptions... a perception that heard music from the wild goose, then he said, "in dire necessity somebody might write another Illiad or paint an Angelus: but fashion a goose?... If then we can do without goose music, then we may as well do without stars or suns....

It is our intention always to provide the goose music....